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Monday, May 23, 2011

Things are Looking up!

So we've struggled.  I mean, we always struggle in this industry but recently, we've struggled a lot.  But times they are a'changing.  OK, realistically we're still gonna struggle.  Deal with it.  It comes with the territory. 

As with Sundance, Cannes is showing that there is life renewed in this field.  People are talking and most importantly, people are buying.  Thank goodness.  But from what I've read, while many of the investors, distributors are the same, how they do business has changed.  Almost losing everything will do that to high-net worth individuals and multi-million dollar companies.  They are looking for well-made films that attract a target audience with controlled budgets.  And this seems to go for everyone from the biggies to the little guys like IFC.

Check it out here with Scott Macaulay's post on US distributors in Cannes.  

Happy creating!

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