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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Controversy Swirling

So I just found out that a Netflix commercial I did a few months ago has caused some controversy.  A men's rights group in the USA has taken offense to the spot and has some people boycotting Netflix.  First, after the initial shock that anyone would take a satirical commercial based on absolute fantasy so seriously, I began to read the comments on the edited version of the commercial they released.  Get ready for it.

I'm evil.

Yes, I am.  Supposedly, it's something in either the eyes or my aura that gives it away.  Damn.  I guess I gotta switch eyeliner from "Evil Feminist Master Mind Kohl" to "Loves Puppies and Rainbows Green". 

So here's what I have to say to it.  First, TV and the commercials that air both on it and Internet aren't real.  This really shouldn't be news to anyone but thought I would make that completely clear.  If anyone does think that women really want to order their babies from an online movie rental service, I suggest they go talk to some women.  Most I know are looking forward to pregnancy and childbirth, despite the risks of it.  And those that aren't, newflash, they aren't looking to have children anyway.  And those women who desperately want children and cannot conceive through traditional methods?  You're right.  They don't really need men.  Invitro and adoption are options for them but I can tell you now that most women in that situation are heartbroken they can't conceive the traditional way.  You know, the way that needs men.

Second, I can assure you the writers, crew, actors, and Netflix (although I haven't spoken to them but feel secure in saying it) don't have a master plan to eradicate men from the planet.  Honest.  Cross my heart.

The truth of it is while being called evil by people I don't know does sting, I'm trying to see this as something to learn from.  That not everyone will always like everything I do.  Bad reviews will come.  People will get the wrong idea from a comment or action.  This is just my first lesson in it as I work along this path.

PS: I do love puppies and rainbows by the way.

Happy creating!..you know, both creatively and otherwise....


  1. I KNEW it! All of those walks from the subway, you were evilising me! And what do you mean commercials aren't real? They are! I have seen them, with my own eyes, and my eyes are real! Sheesh!

  2. I've known you were evil spawn from the time you were a baby. You were such a tricky baby. I think you need to work on hiding it better. Jeez, you're an actor I think you can fake the rainbows and sunshine... or wait maybe you were just acting evil all these years, or just in the commercial. Good God Tonya - WHO ARE YOU!?

    *big hugs* I love you! see you in Sept!


  3. Tonya, I too thought you were evil when I first saw the commercial, but then I took off my aluminum foil hat and things all got back to normal. Turns out the hidden signal in the commercial can only affect you if you have a signifigant amount of metal in, on, or around your head. If you watch the commercials with a normal brain, they are funny. If, however, you are nocturnal flying rodent excrement mentally challenged...well, then the Evil Tonya appears and wants to swallow your soul....J. Adams in Kincardine