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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Audition Metaphor

Ask any actor: auditioning is a weird and difficult process.  It's a constant question or string of questions.  Am I the right type?  Too short?  Too tall?  Do I go big?  Small?  And most importantly, am I telling the story I need to be telling?  Sides are chosen for an audition for a reason.  Usually, they are an important part of the character's story.  This is especially true for leads.  The CD and producers want to see how you handle the character, often at different points in the story.  Auditioning for the waitress who makes a two second appearance halfway through the film?  Guess what.  That role is important too.  Scripts go through so many revisions and characters are edited out and changed constantly.  There is a reason why that waitress is there when she is there.  Hint: check out what's going on with the main characters in the scene.  Make your choices from there.

But what to do when you have to bring out your trusty ol'monologue?  And yes, you should have one or two of those stored in the memory banks.  And be out the look out for more as your type will change as you do.  Sometimes, it's hard getting the story out with your monologue when you only have a couple of minutes and that includes saying hi to those in the room and doing some chatting.  Joel R. Putnam really hits the nail on the head with what to do with shortened audition times and how to adjust your monologue accordingly.  Like with almost everything in life, leave 'em wanting more.  Check out his post below.  It's a great read!

Audition Metaphor

Happy creating!

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