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Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Audition Machine

My ramblings here have been more or less silent these last few weeks.  It's not because I haven't wanted to write.  Trust me.  But you know when someone says be careful what you wish for: it might come true?  That has been the definition of my life these past three weeks.

Besides my full time job (yes I still have one of those), I've been doing some serious auditioning.  And then doing some more.  As a friend so rightly defined it, I've been an audition machine.  Thanks Joe.  PS: you should check him out on Twitter.  And his production company.  

For those of you that know me and my schedule well, auditioning isn't out of the norm for me.  I do it quite often, either on projects I've sought out or ones that my amazing agent has submitted me for.  What has been different is the amount of callbacks I'm getting.

I'm walking around right now with a great big grin which just keeps growing with every callback I get.  And what's really awesome is that I know why it's happening.  I think every actor goes through a period when they just don't get there.  They don't sparkle in the room.  Nothing wrong with the read or the acting or the look.  They're just not "it".

I've gone through a long period of this but did some soul searching recently and did some re-focusing on my priorities.  I feel now when I get that call and go into that room, I've settled in.  I'm me and it's great.  Yes, I take my inspiration from a universe of sources--how can you not?  Discovery says it best: the world is just awesome.  But now when I audition, I'm just me.  Goofy, geeky, cheerful, and able to get into a character in a flash.  And it's paid dividends.

So to sum up, I apologize for the long silence.  It's been a great few weeks, filled with great opportunities booked and others in the making.

Oh and if you want to hear more regular updates--you know the ones I can do from my smartphone while waiting to head into the audition room--check me out on Twitter or on my Facebook fan page.

Happy creating!

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