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Monday, April 11, 2011

Raindance, You're Cool

So I feel like that kid who never got the secret joke that everyone else in the class knew.  You know, where you have to copy what the person does exactly to "get it"?  I finally did some research into Raindance.  Here's the kicker; I thought they were only in the UK.  Yup, I'm an idiot.  Not only are they in Toronto, they have a wildly active chapter in Toronto.  Between networking nights (now every last Wednesday of the month in Leslieville) and really cool sounding courses, they really are working to help give voice to great indie filmmakers.  

So why the lovefest?  Well, I firmly believe that indies don't get much of a chance anywhere but really not in Canada.  I went to a screening last night for a Canadian independent film and witnessed the support Raindance had given it.  I'm not talking money here.  I'm talking about guidance, mentoring, getting bums in seats, helping understand the legal jargon-- the intangible things a filmmaker needs to do and know but needs the experience to do it.  And it was great to see the head of Raindance Canada at the screening, lending her support to the project.

So Raindance peeps, expect to see another filmmaker/actress at your doorstep soon cuz I kinda like you.

Happy creating!

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