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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lionsgate and Micro-Budgets

The love independents are getting these days is insane!  In a good way, of course.  Lionsgate announced last week that they are opening a micro-budget division, headed up by Matt Kaplan.  Specifically, they are looking to back ten films a year that are made on budgets of 2 million or less.  So we're looking at budgets on the level of Paranormal Activity or Blair Witch.

The reasoning seems to be clear; get behind a film that cost substantially less than studio-backed films for a better return on investment.  If you only have to pay back $2 million instead of $200 million, that's more cash in your pocket if your film does well.  And that is the key.  You can bet Lionsgate is looking for something like was seen in Sundance this year.  Films that are impeccably made with a targeted audience, a great cast, well acted, beautifully shot, and all the details attended to.  Which can translate into a film doing well.  If yours isn't, they probably won't look at it.

But despite that, things are looking up for the indie world.  Let's hope it continues!

Happy creating!

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