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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Filmmaking is a Business. Period.

No matter how beautiful your art film is, no matter how poignant the story of a woman who selflessly gives her all to her family is, if you as a filmmaker don't understand that you are working within a business industry, you are screwed.  That is assuming that you want more than your family, friends, and a handful of festival goers to see your film.

Yeah, things are changing.  Mediums such as YouTube and VOD are changing the scene.  Crowding funding through sites such as IndieGoGo are making it much easier to raise capital for films.  All good. All great.  But this is a business and if you don't adhere to that concept, you could be shooting yourself in the foot.  Are there legal ramifications of raising funds through crowd-funding sites in your province or state?  Do you know about chain of title...if that's even what it's called?  What sort of tax incentives can you go for?  Have you set up your production company properly to take advantage of them?  Who knows?  Do you?

I just read a great post that really hit this point home.  There are so many things I would never even consider when looking at making a film.  It really focuses on a filmmaker as a manager and acting in the best interest of the business; the business being the making of your film and future ones.

Here's just a small glimpse into the world of the entertainment business.  Goodness knows, there are countless vistas to explore as I learn more.  But enjoy.  I found it incredibly educational.  Be forewarned, there's some legal jargon in there.

Happy creating! ....hope I didn't cause a headache....

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