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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Few of My Favourite Things

No, this isn't going to end up with me handing out cars to anyone--Oprah already did that.  This is more of a reflection of what I enjoy so much about what I do.  It's really the people.  I love the meeting of minds, the sharing of experiences, and the reassurance that we're all going through the same thing.

I met a friend of a friend recently for the first time and we had a blast chatting over coffee about acting, the entertainment biz, skin care and the constant struggle finding the right stuff, and the joys of mixing traditional employment with creative endeavors.  Even though we had never met in person before, sharing our common experience was amazing.  We laughed over the craziness our chosen path creates and all the things we have to do to work in this field.  Like I said, it was a blast.

But besides that, it was just great connecting with someone else who gets it.  To many people, what we do as entertainment business professionals seems either confusing, glamorous, or downright crazy.  I enjoyed just chatting with someone who knows all the weirdness but loves it regardless.

So cheers, my new friend!  Here's to more chats over coffee and laughs about what we put ourselves through everyday, just so we have the pleasure to call ourselves actors!

Happy creating!

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