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Friday, January 27, 2012

My Dreammaker

Yeah, I probably made that word up.  At least, most spell checkers don't recognize it.  But it's mine and it describes so much of what I've doing during this period of relative blog silence.

While I can't say that Steven Spielberg finally called and offered me a fantastic part (PS: I'm waiting, Steven, FYI), I have been doing some serious work on making my dreams come true.

Like most actors, aside from those of gracing the stage at the Oscars and being part of well-received, widely released films, my day-to-day dreams are actually quite small.  What most people my age want are to be able to afford a house, have kids, and maybe get a dog.  OK, we have two cats, so I guess we have some of that.  But those aren't far fetched dreams for a lot of people I know.  They can be made reality with just a small amount of effort.  But for a two actor/writer household?  Those are practically akin to aiming for moon during the Middle Ages.

Don't get me wrong.  I love our apartment.  I love being creative in how we figure out the eternal storage dilemma.  I most certainly love our cats.  But just sometimes, I find myself looking at real estate postings for condos and houses and dreaming.

OK, Tonya, you could go out and get a job that pays you more and then you could do all that.  Don't worry, I hear that voice too.  But often with those jobs, you sacrifice flexibility and as you actor-types know, having flexibility in your survival job is the Holy Grail, especially when that audition notice comes for tomorrow and it's 7pm.  And you have 6 pages to memorize and a lead character to develop. And the audition is at 9am. Across the city.

But this post is about my dreammaker, not my dream destroyer or, at least, not my make-your-dreams-almost-impossible-to-achiever.  So what has that been lately?  I'm building a business from home.  Something that I run and organize in the hour or two a day I can spare.  In other words, I fit it around my acting, writing, producing, exercising, cooking, survival job, and time with my family and friends.  And it's working.  Slowly but surely, I'm beginning to see the results from my barely part-time job time commitment.  Not bad, huh?

So for those of you who wonder how it can be done, if it's something you love, you will make it happen.  The key is making sure that everything else you do allows for your passion to flourish.  And if what you do on the side is something you are also passionate about, then congrats!  Your life is pretty darn great!

Happy creating!

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