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Monday, November 29, 2010

The age old question

I get it all the time.  Seriously.  Basically everyday.  People are constantly asking me how I do it.  Do what you ask?  Maintain my creative endeavours while still managing to work a full time job, do some freelancing, and oh yeah, having a life.

Here's my answer:  I do it because I love it.  No one likes working many different "jobs" but if you are doing what you're passionate about, it's not a "job".

And here's the usual response:  "Well, that's nice but I couldn't do it.  I don't have time (or money or creativity or blah blah blah)."  To be entirely honest, that's entirely BS.  You say you hate your job, you hate your co-workers, you hate the commute, you hate, you hate, you hate...If you hate it so much, then set yourself free.

Easier said then done right?  Maybe but probably not.  It's more likely your mindset.  I not advocating an overnight instant overhaul of your life.  Hey, I have debt and a wedding to pay for.  I get it.  I'm advocating a slight change in your viewpoint. You hate your job?  Find something within it you love, be it that morning chat with your co-worker, the walk past the art gallery, or completing that spreadsheet.  Or better yet start working on replacing that job with something you love.  It takes time but it works. Hate the commute?  Start looking for freelance opportunities in your field that allow you to work from home.  Or suggest to your boss that you telecommute.  You never know until you ask, right?

Or go the zen way (check out zenhabits.net and see what Leo has to say on the subject) and really re-organize your priorities.  I just read his book called "Thriving on Less" and loved it.  It really speaks to what we really need and don't.  And for us creative types learning how to balance our arts with paying the bills, it helps put some things in focus.  Best of all, for my starving artist soul, it's free!  Check it out here.  It gives a great sample of how to simplify things to really focus.  For those of you wanting the more in-depth how to, check out his "The Simple Guide to a Minimalist Life". This is an affiliate link but it's a great book. Click here to view more details

So how do I do it?  Moral of the story is that I do because I love it and I'm focusing my priorities so I can keep doing it.  It really is that simple.  Do the same and you'll be surprised what happens and what you suddenly have time and enough creativity for.

Happy creating!