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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Shameless Self Promotion

It's time for a little bit of sharing!  I did this short film at the end of 2011, against the very lovely backdrop of High Park.  I love this film for a number of reasons: 1) it was the first time I worked with Jay Clarke, the writer, director and producer.  Jay is fan of all things horror and thriller and is a practical institution on the horror scene here; 2) I got to work with my husband again.  We met originally on set so whenever we film together it's like we're recreating that first meeting; 3) my character is something entirely different from what I usually play.  For those actors out there, you know how awesome that is.  Quite often we are cast by our type (read: first impression).  This script let me play outside that boundary.  And I loved it.  And you know you rocked it when your agent gets so into it, she calls your character a name!

Anyway, enjoy Orange!

Happy creating!

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