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Monday, May 14, 2012

Something Small

It's been a rough week in our household.  Truth be told, it's been a bit hellish on the old Tonya front.  I once read an elegant phrase (thank you, Diana Gabaldon--and forgive me for paraphrasing...) about when you share your soul, you always have a small secret place that is yours alone-- that no matter what happens, that little haven stands to mark what sums up to be you.  You can trust it to shelter your inner most being, to store the things that are important.  I've found that my centre holds not only my values and the images I hold of myself, but also the things that I cherish, that bring me joy. So in order to get things back to normal, I reached down and remembered what it is like to enjoy some simple pleasures.  And, because I know there are those out there having a time that would put Buffy on graduation day to shame, here's my list of little things that can make you appreciate the loveliness of life:

Reading under a tree;
Feeling the breeze from an open window;
A long hug from a loved one;
Cuddles with your pet;
Discovering new places close to home

Happy creating and appreciating


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